Six Word Fridays: Love


Love and devotion, like Siam’s twins
bound together, yet not always alike.
Recipient of love not reciprocating unconditionally –
at what cost is it presented?
Requiring devotion on every possible level,
but remitting nothing except empty promise.
I love you, and yet you
have no understanding of the depth.
How long must I await comprehension?
Love’s reach is beyond words uttered.
The unspoken sentiment speaks volumes sometimes
with more honesty than your voice.
I’ll write my heart to you;
send it out to uncertain seas.
And should the message reach you,
cast your reply on turbulent waves.
A rolled scroll in a bottle,
might return to my waiting shore.
Empty Bottles

**Shared with Six Word Fridays

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  1. Beautiful!

  2. That’s exactly how love feels sometimes! And your photo with this post is beautiful!

  3. we’re all throwing out bottled messages
    hoping more reach shore than not!

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