Scavenger Hunt Sunday: I’m Back…

So I started this post last week… and then I road off to Florida and just never got things together. I’m slow like that, sometimes. And so, I’m combining a few of last week’s Scavenger Hunt inspirations with this week’s.

Black and White
Tough Guy
Reflections in Glass(Exploring with a Camera)
Victory reflected
I wanted to capture Victory Lane at the Daytona Speedway in Art’s glasses. This is where the winner gets his trophy after Daytona 500.
Lighthouse Illuminations
These are some of the original lamp lights in the Ponce De Leon Lighthouse in the Inlet near Daytona. Not quite the typical headlights, but be really glad I didn’t share a photo from the beach (oh, the slang, the inappropriate slang).
Seeing Double
fogged double
My lens fogged miserably the first night on the beach. It was my father’s fault – he likes the hotel suite to have a bitterly cold chill so that the heat of the outside is actually more comfortable than the room. The haze didn’t stop me from trying to get a few shots of Ya at the beach for the first time (in his memory, that is). After day one, I set my camera outside (16th floor balcony – not recommended for ground floor) or near the window for a little while before going outside. It helped warm up the camera.
Bare Foot

And this week’s Hunt:

Music to My Ears
sleepy silence
We’re midway through summer, and by about midday, the sweetest music to my ears is that of silent sleeping littles.
Hat and glove
If she were the type to play with dolls and such, I suppose she’d be tea time ready, but my daughter prefers toting little trinkets in her pockets while playing Scribblenauts on her DS.
Clearly Adorable
I’ve given up on trying to coax out a strained smile, so this is the new normal for portraits of Ya. We ventured out early to catch the beach clear of crowds and the skies clearly blue.
Out of this World
7.20 Sunrise ship
I am reminded just how blessed I am to see sunrises like this one…

Agua Sprinkles

Perhaps I’m stretching this one a bit, but all I kept thinking was sprinkles = sprinkler = sprinkles of water. I know, I’m not too swift with equations.
You might say this is the interstate post – – the Virginia/Florida edition… I love summer vacation (most of the time).

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  1. Your photos are fabulous! Visiting from Ramblings and Photos…

  2. Your “out of this world” picture is simply gorgeous! Very lovely photo. 🙂

  3. WOW – your work is so inspiring! I love every single shot. Love them!

  4. I think sprinklers totally works for sprinkles. You are an artist you are allowed to take artistic liberties.

  5. Wow Rachelle! this post is a treat. They are all breathtaking. I just love your take on the prompts and the world all together. And since this is my first time visiting, I love your picture in the header.

  6. Those are great- you have the cutest little guy!!!

  7. great pictures. I really like the reflection in the glasses, too cool. looks like a fun collection of vacation photos.

  8. Sooo amazing! LOVE that reflection shot.

  9. Your portraiture is just astounding. The first and the last brought great smiles to my face, and the reflection in the glasses left me astounded. So well done.

  10. There’s so much dimension and emotion to these photos. They’re wonderful.
    Happy Sunday and new week.

  11. I love all these shots. Great reflections. I think Sprinkles and Black and White are my favorites! How amazing!

  12. All you shots are amazing.. You little guy is so cute..


  14. Oh these are just wonderful – I enjoyed every single one of them – I love your style 🙂


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