My Daughter: Leading Me

railroad girl

I thought I’d shared this series before… perhaps I did, as memory fades quick these days. 
You’re not one to enjoy my many requests for “modeling services.”  I chock it up to eight long years of being my beautiful muse – the object of my camera’s affection and my very best creation. 
You see your outfit?  I complained (or, more likely, yelled) about the long sleeves – and hood – of your shirt and the heavy denim of your jeans.  We were, afterall, in a North Carolina heat wave despite it only being Memorial Day in May and not yet summer.  I tell you, they have crazy hot days in the south!  I digress.
You elected to wear the outfit despite my complaining because it was your assertion of independence.  So what if you sweated heavily and were uncomfortable?  You were being you exactly as you’d determined to be.  I like your independence.  Your spunk.  Don’t mistake my grumbling for disapproval. 
Mothers have to guide, but they cannot – should not – control.  Just like the train tracks lead locomotives to their next destination, you are leading me on this motherhood path.  I am forever greatful of your efforts as the first child.  I know firsthand that that is a burden.  It is no easy task to train a person into being a decent parent.  You do it well. I only hope you consider me a good student…
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  1. Found your blog through Darcy of Graphically Designing’s twitter feed. Your blog (design, photography, and writing) is beautiful. Count on me as another reader. 🙂

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