Love Letters in the Sand

love letters
scene itEarly morning before the sun rises, lovers walk along the restless shore
while water covers their footprints and hides their path.
Hand in hand, or arms around waists, they partner
to watch the rays paint the sky lavender, gold, and coral.

A father and his young son play in the crashing waves,
enjoying the lifts of white frothy water that hits itself as it undulates and churns.

Arm in arm, a group stands in circle.
Fellowship at daybreak, prayers under God’s great open skies –
the beautiful sands and crystal waters under their feet.

And I, alone on my balcony, watch;
wondering what it must be like to belong.

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  1. Now THAT is a love letter!

  2. Oh, that made me sigh with such peace and loveliness. Thank you for sharing.

  3. wow!!! beautiful words. tfs

  4. beautiful

  5. Rose Gallitz says:

    you made me tear up with this one. love it

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