How to Hunt a Dragon Part One

I’ve been on this crazy macro bug photography thing for a few weeks now. It’s absolutely amazing to look at our “neighbors” up close and personal. I wonder what took me so long to splurge on this kind of lens. Oh, I remember now, it was lack of money. Duh…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m the first one shooting bug spray at the webs in the nooks and crannies of my home and at nests of attack hornets under my deck. And though I was momentarily paused in deciding whether smacking that mosquito off my arm or photographing it first was best, I chose to spare myself of the parasite like any normal anti-insect gal with a fear of “roughing it camping style” would do.

I digress, as always.

So, I was out with Cam-Canon the other day (you know I forgot what I named him). I’d taken the kids to feed the geese our left over goldfish. As it turns out, fish really like goldfish, too, and Chi insists that’s the equivalent of cannibalism. We found our geese, but were interrupted by a group of camp kids whose chaperones didn’t think the “absolutely no swimming” signs applied to their charges. My kids were fascinated by the defying swimmers and their obsession with catching fish with their rubber shoes (those kind originally for gardening that have even the fashionable thinking they’re cool).

So, I busied myself on the nearby dock and began a sit-in. Yes, I planted myself criss-cross (politically incorrect term not allowed) on the boards and waited for a dragon fly to station itself on a nearby twig, leaf, or something. I must’ve had on dragon repellant, because the only thing attracted to my sit-in was a couple of grandparents out with their grandkids on a nature stroll. And the few dragons that did venture near were too far away for my 50mm to catch. Always prepared Girl Scout, I am not.

And so I had to settle on cropping down my captures.

Dragon hunt (web 1)

And, I’ve vowed that this hunt will continue.
Dragon hunt (web 2)

Because I think I can do better capturing dragon flies.

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  1. Rose Gallitz says:

    I love your writing style, Ra. If everyone who read your blog could hear your voice saying them, your cadence and your vibrato (is this the right term here?) they would get a kick out of it even more. Also, it seems to me that many people do not speak the same way that they write; you are one of the few that seems to. I thoroughly enjoy reading your entries.

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