How to Hunt a Dragon Part Two

Simply waiting for dragon flies to land didn’t seem to work very well. Sure, they’d occasionally perch on a nearby leaf, but as soon as I shifted to snap a picture, they’d zoom away. This hunt was no good.

New tactic: Go where there is a concentration of dragons. But where exactly is that?

Oma, the kids, and I visited Locust Shade Park in Triangle hoping to rent a paddle boat. Apparently they’re closed on weekdays. The docks, however, are rampant with dragons. Just my luck, you know? And because I planned to take a few wide angle shots on the boat we weren’t getting to rent, I had come prepared with my 28-75mm lens. Perfect for catching dragons, let me tell you.

And so, in the hot midday sun, I stood on the empty deck next to very murky water and hunted. Dragons, unaware of me and my camera, flitted around doing whatever it is they do – alighting on stalks, leaves, and the occasional rock. The unfortunate dragon who selected a leaf a little to close to the water’s surface disappeared with a plop and a ripple as a circling fish helped himself to lunch… I think it was this guy:


It sure was a pretty blue dragon. One who looked quite similar, but was significantly smaller and even less aware of his surroundings, settled onto a leaf right next to me. He couldn’t have cared less that I was fiddling with my camera and stayed long enough to have his portrait taken. I shot him.

I thanked him, and he took off.

There was this beautiful iridescent green dragon that refused to be captured. Perhaps he’ll change his mind if I try some other day. I think he wanted to be the star of the photo session and not just another model.

The white streaks on this dragon caught my eye just before I realized that my companions had left me.


New tactic learned: don’t bring impatient non-participants to the hunt.

I gathered up my gear and left the dock, then. As I retreated into Mommy-mode, I saw this all brown dragon with caramel streaked eyes. It was stunning in its monochromatic camouflage. So, I shot it.


I only regret that I couldn’t showcase those eyes with my Macro lens…

But, I did catch this guy in the portable toilet (oh, the horror), up close and personal:

resourceful spider 2

Wasn’t he resourceful to use that piece of fabric in his web?

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  1. designer says:

    That’s a zipper spider. She actually made that zipper pattern in her web. Isn’t nature amazing?

    Your shots are GORGEOUS.

    • Seriously? I’d never seen that before. I’ll look that spider up. It looked so interesting that I went BACK in the cramped portable to get a shot.

  2. LOVE your dragon shots! I have a small yard pond and many have been hanging around this week.
    We call that spider a sewing spider because of his zig-zag stitch. 🙂
    Excellent shots!

  3. Your dragon hunt was quite the success. I haven’t gotten to Part 1 yet, but I love the result of Part 2!

  4. Wonderful, wonderful photos! Fantastic captures of the dragonflies! I love the spider, too!

  5. So cool!

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