Show Off: Flying things

My name is Rachelle and I like bugs.

And since the kids have decided to be absolutely against me taking their pictures this week, bugs are the thing.
Red Bug
I’m seeking help for this obsession. Macro and Cam work as a great team capturing insects. And, as it just so happens, there are a lot of them… As in, “break out the bug spray or prepare to be eaten alive” a lot. Except I stopped myself from photographing the gnats and mosquitoes – and the other ones that actually feast on human hosts. If they choose to dine on me, they’ve cast their own death sentences. And for that, I am a guilty assassin.
Burgandy Hornet
Hornets that sting, I’m warned, should be avoided. Roaming too near would likely mean irritating the winged things. But if approached cautiously, and while occupied, they are intriguing subjects.

Is it odd to think they’ve got amazingly muscular shapes?
Contrast Critter
Butterflies have been scarce this year (or purposely staying clear), but moths, with their fuzzy, splendorous color, are prevalent. moth and pom
They look good in black and white, too. And, I think, this is my favorite capture.

I hope the kids come off their hiatus, soon.

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  1. These macros are incredible. INCREDIBLE!

  2. OMG! I totally love these!!!

  3. Wonderful!!!!! That first one is incredible – love it!

  4. These are great shots!

  5. Wow. Wow. and Wow. Absolutely amazing shots!

  6. Rose Gallitz says:

    wonderful! except the waspy one…course I am terrified of bees, so the shot is great, it’s just the subject material! laf!

    • Rachelle says:

      and the crazy thing is, I was stung TODAY by a hornet, and I wasn’t trying to take his picture. Dang.

  7. these are absolutely stunning!

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