What’s buggin you {sweet}ie ?

It took several days (and battery charges) to weed wack the forest that grew in my backyard.  No doubt the neighbors were happy I finally tamed the green overgrowth.  I suspect, though, that they found my intense camera crouching study of the remaining blades a bit of an oddity.  Again I’m the weird neighbor.  It’s worth it, sometimes, to keep my focus and eccentricity.  I did, afterall, come face to face with this little… uh… bug of some sort.
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  1. What a splendid bug it is! Terrific shots. o

  2. amatterofhowyouseeit.com says:

    Great details of this insect!

  3. snapshots2011 says:

    I too, was lying face down in the grass the other day trying to get a bug picture- but if I had come across something *that* large, I would have ran!

  4. Barbara says:

    A crane fly, I think. I have that chore to do in the back myself.

  5. Fotokarusellen says:

    Great macroshot. Well done!

  6. Taylor says:

    Excellent macro!

  7. Wow! Look at the eyes (?) on the first one. Cool.

  8. Love the first shot and the close up of the 'face'!

  9. Courtney says:

    great shot, the title of your post is now making me sing a backyardigians song, whats buggin you, do you have a pesky pest!

  10. what great shots! love the eyes in the photo on the left! great job!

  11. Undoubtedly this is an excellent macro. Has captured all the details of this mosquito. Very beautiful.

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