Quotography: Photography

This is one of those pictures where I wish I’d switched lenses, had a wide angle, or just backed up a bit… but I didn’t. I’d affixed my 50mm, and that’s all I had.  And so, I’m left with a picture that is brutally chopped.  Yet the more I look at it, the more it attracts me.  I think I actually like this portrait, in spite of – or because of – its imperfections.
bad photo?

{Ok… so there’s no attribution for this “quote.”  Honestly, I can’t recall whether I made it up as a variation of “there are no stupid questions…” or if I read/heard it somewhere.  I googled it.  Nothing.  So hopefully the genius behind the statement forgives me this slight.}

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  1. Ashley Sisk says:

    I like this photo because of it's imperfections!

  2. Nicolasa says:

    I am attracted to this photo because of it's imperfections! It makes you focus on the point of the photo! Great words! thanks for linking up!

  3. ALWAYS IN LOVE says:

    great picture. reminds me of mine. she is such a great photo assistant! i like the crop personally. all you need is the kid and the camera. 🙂

  4. great quote and I love the expression on his little face. love your shot Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

  5. snapshots2011 says:

    I think its perfect just as it is- the quote works perfectly in the negative space! (And is that a real vintage camera, or a prop? Either way- I love it!)

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