Welcome Home, Mommy

I’m taking a class right now.  It was free courtesy of a government grant. Aside from the cost benefit, it promises to inspire my efforts with my English Language Learners (or ELL, aka ESL, aka ESOL).  Thus far, the class has proven just how small this world really is.  A classmate taught at the elementary school I attended and remembered my name from a yearbook cover contest I won when I was ten.  The teacher found out a guest to the class (a school board member from the area) graduated from the same New York City high school.  And one student found out she is the replacement teacher of another at a local high school.  WOW.

Oh, the workload is killing me… It’s been a long time since I’ve had homework. Lots of homework. Yadon says nightly,  “You have homework Mommy? It’s too late for homework.”  And most nights, I want to agree, close the lap top and just relax. 

I do, however, enjoy being a student again.  I appreciate the intellectual conversations.  I enjoy being in the midst of research on academic topics.  I like hearing the “trench stories” of teachers dealing with many of the issues I struggle with daily at work.

Oh, but coming home after class is also so sweet – – especially when the menfolk and my lass decide I can subject them to my camera.


It’s rare when they go “on location” for me… MD doesn’t much like the free spirits that are our children and he is easily frustrated by the relaxed chaos of any attempt at a family photo.  I think he purposely faked sick the last few times I tried to schedule photos, so I was shocked when he suggested we take some this weekend. [Nevermind that my hair was a mess, my clothes not ideal, and my make up non-existent.]  We were taking photos together!


It took a dozen shots to get one image we really liked. 

yadon by yadon
(Yadon insisted on holding the remote.) 

The bloopers are a crazy, silly mess – – especially since divalicious kept throwing funny faces and poses.  Occassionally, they were all “behaved.”

My joy
My family

I’ll pretend we were coordinated. There’s always next time, right?  Maybe I should just buy solid clothes for the kids and I so we’re always prepared?

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  1. Wonderful family shots! I so need to attempt to do this too LOL!

  2. Mama Kat says:

    Well the reel of blooper photos paid off…that family picture is GORGEOUS!!

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