Sunday Huntin’

It has been a crazy week!  So crazy, in fact, that until 10 minutes ago, I’d not even glanced at the Sunday Scavenger Hunt items for today.  Ugghhh….

I blame it on being totally out of sync with being a student again – – that five year break from classes was far too long.  I find myself lazier and far more critical of the reason behind ‘having to do’ each task.

Anyway,  I’m back at the evening gig after a month hiatus [read: cut my program].  I’m coaching two students through a research paper project.


pull away!

Somehow the draw of this little creature proved too great for Ya.  He couldn’t even wait until the photo shoot was finished. 


good book

I.heart.faces had an “anything but a face” theme this week.  I almost entered… but when I decided to, it was exactly 10:17 EST – – seventeen little minutes after the linky closed.  I already shared the pictures of Chi reading her Bible to me, but I took several other shots of Yadon and his copy of The Good Book.  Did I mention that I L-O-V-E these camo Bibles?  It pays great homage to “put on the whole armor of God” and the idea of the Bible being a “shield.”

Fill in the Blank


When I think about how cool the world is in the viewfinder of my camera, I just have to capture it forever in a picture.

Taste of Italy

taste of Italy

Ok. This is a totally unfair theme. I’m on a very restrictive diet that any good Italian worth his culinary kudos would baulk at.  No starch, no sugar, no cheese (or dairy, really) allowed.  So much for this being an excuse for whipping up my favorite food – – a hearty lasagna. At least not for another 28 days…  So this is from last month when I was on a photograph what you’re eating kick.



I spent much of this rainy morning in DC.  And while hiking to and from my car, I happened upon this building art piece titled “The Light of the World – La Luz Del Mundo.”  It makes a rather non-descript building a sight to behold.  I love the concept.   It reminds me not only of faith (as in “this little light of mine” or “He is the way, the truth, and the light”), but also of the idea that one must always strive to be the light (the good, inspiration, help) in life.  {mural by Karla ‘Karlisima’ Rodas; painted onto the Potter’s House}

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  1. Ashley Sisk says:

    Really great captures – I especially love book, reminder and fill in the blank!

  2. Great shots as always, that mural is amazing!!

  3. Jennifer says:

    What an awesome mural…. and how cute is the little creature.

  4. Boomer and Buggy says:

    All great photos – really like the mural!

  5. I love your shots, especially the fill in the blank and the reminder. Love the colors!

  6. The Wishful Lamb says:

    wow these are all beautiful the last one is amazing!!!

  7. Chic Homeschool Mama says:

    Your book shot is great!

  8. Phoenix Peacock says:

    These are all absolutely amazing. I particularly love the book shot!

  9. Christina says:

    Great shots! I love the toy featured in the diptych. Lovely mural!

  10. Nf1andprek-whisper says:

    some fun shots.. you got.. the purple cabbage? is fun… I love colors…

  11. What great shots! I love the movement you captured in book 🙂

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