Getting Festive

I love having a door.  A door to a home.  A home where love abides.  And the kids and I love making that door something unique as the seasons change. 

Now until now, I’ve tried to be frugal when it comes to purchasing door decor.  I buy out of season and tuck things away.  I use coupons.  But this winter, I decided to whip out the creativity factor and make my own.

You may gasp now.

A trip to Dollar Tree (I love that store!) served up $10 worth of goodies including a wooden weaved wreath.

I picked up five poinsetta floral stems.

IMG 0062

Chi liked this butterfly.

IMG 0059

After plucking each of the fabric flowers off of their plastic stems, we assembled them in a pile and stared at them.  Ya thought they were great for hair accessories.

IMG 0067

His father might not agree…

IMG 0058

This glue stick and I like to stick together.  And sometimes, it’s a painful bond.  OUCH!
Anyway, Chi decided she wanted a pattern of light and dark to go around the wreath, so after she arranged the flowers, I affixed them to our wreath.

IMG 0068

We’re quite pleased with the results.  It’s the only door decoration that looks… well, different than the other 500 or so in the rows and rows of townhouses in this neighborhood.

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