Remember When

Every once in awhile I filter through the negatives – yes negatives – of images snapped here and there. It makes me yearn for the ease of yesteryear.  I wonder what I’d have become were I to have continued on my path towards a media career. 

Would I have been happy?
Immersed in the field?
Traveling to capture life outside my own little world?
Saying a million goodbyes to family and friends?
Perhaps not having a family of my own?
Would I have wanted to be that girl – the glamorous girl with the glossy pictures [she took] in all the magazines?

Would I miss the laughter of my children?
The smiles and the tears?
The endless diapers, the potty training?
The spontaneous hugs and kisses?
The “I love you”s?

I flip through the photos, like this one I took in Hong Kong. 

Hong Kong wet market

I reminisce.  I miss.

And then I realize… I’m where I want to be.
Right here.
Right now.

This week’s I Faces challenge is scenic black and white.
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  1. momof3darlings says:

    Oh MY what an awesome shot! It makes me want to go and experience it! Totally cool!

  2. Wow! How cool is that picture!


  3. bahayphillips says:

    My dream is travel the world and capture what God is doing around us….I love this shot! The guys facial expression is a worth a thousands words…he's not only a butcher…he's a man with a story to tell.

  4. June Roach says:

    WOW! That is a phenomenal shot! Thank you for sharing.

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