Yo-yo, ma!!!

Scrapbook artists should love this week’s collage challenge at I Faces…

And though I certainly don’t think I’ll be putting away the scissors, tape and embellishments in favor of the pixels and mouse method, it was interesting putting together my modest little entry.  I kept the white space between each photo and around the text in the story to give the eyes a break (reminded me of my newspaper days).

yo-yo fight

Disclaimer: Don’t worry, little brother was not a victim here. I actually mixed the images up, because it was Big Sis Chi who (as usual) had to surrender the yo-yo to a naughty little brother who refused to believe she should be allowed to play with the newly discovered yo-yo first.  And the tantrum?  Fake (he’s quite the actor). The two tears he shed for authenticating the cry and the loud whimper ceased as soon as Chi offered him the coveted play thing.

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  1. Brooke Chambers says:

    That's just awesome!! Looks like a scene straight from my house, except I have three boys *so far! And those are some beautiful kiddos you have there!

  2. Tonkamom says:

    hahaha!!! This is fabulous 😉

  3. Great collage!

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