A Lotta Teeth!

I have some weird attraction to capturing photos of Ya’s teeth.  From the first budding white tooth to his present mouthful, I have a nice collection. And here’s the latest edition of the series, welcome Eye Teeth (or canines, or vampire fangs, or choppers).


When you smile, do it

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  1. Too cute! I couldn't help but smile myself. This is one my favs this week.

  2. Gallery32 says:

    What a darling little muchkin πŸ˜€

  3. β˜… MamaKat β˜… says:

    I absolutely LOVE this photo!!! Awesome πŸ™‚

  4. Honey Bee says:

    So cool! What a nice smile! πŸ™‚ Made me very smily too!

  5. Now THAT is a smile! Love your light too!

  6. How can you not smile back at a grin like that! Love it!

  7. OH, I love, love, LOVE this one! What an adorable little guy!! Too precious.


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