I ♥ Faces Week 27 – Sports in Action

July’s contest vacation week is over, and so this week is another judging…

There are two categories and I’ll leave it to the gals at I Faces to explain:

Kids and/or Adults Category A child, children, adult or adults participating in a sport. (Basically a photo of any person participating in a sport.) Any sport is fine. Your entry must show “action” though. Posed shots will be ineligible to win this week’s photo challenge.

Here’s a snap from one of the flag football games Chi cheered for in the Spring… can’t you see just how serious the boys are about getting the flag?

Pets Category – “Anything Goes” theme (even though we call this special category “Pets”, we really don’t care if the animal is an actual pet or not.)

I thought this shot of two retired (rescued) Greyhounds luring was a great show of “sport” and “pets,” as their new families only let them race for pleasure and lavish them with love all the rest of the time. They are no longer working, and instead live a plush retirement. As an owner of two iggies, this shot of their full sized cousins was a happy capture. You can see the “lure” at the bottom of the shot.

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  1. Sara Bonds says:

    Thank gosh those doggies are allowed to live such a blessed life now. I feel so bad for racing dogs. They get so used up and then have to rely on those who rescue them. My heart just breaks for them. Anyway, great photo and I am so glad to hear they are being well loved.

  2. Great shots! I love them both.

  3. Love the photos! The faces on the little ones are wonderful and thank goodness for wonderful humans to take in and rescue race dogs 🙂

  4. theArthurClan says:

    Oh my gosh, the intent look in the football photo is hilarious. I love it!

    co-founder of iHeartFaces

  5. haha–the action photo just made me laugh out loud–it's so cute!

  6. Run, run! Oh yes, they take flag football seriously! That I have learned. Great shot. Love the action.

  7. Great shots as always! I love how passionate they look!

  8. ninabakke says:

    Lovely photos

  9. Life with Kaishon says:

    Oh, I LOVE your pictures this week Rachelle! Fantastic. I always love coming to visit you. It makes me smile!

  10. Monica Dyke says:

    Really fun sports shot! You do great work!

  11. TanishaRenee says:

    awesome pictures!

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