Not I…


This week my did not list is pretty short… and sweet. Does this mean I am getting better at not doing things?

I did not dress my daughter in a cute pink leopard hat and glove set and instruct her to play in the fallen autumn leaves instead of raking them up. If I had, these might have been the pictures I’d have gotten:I did not rush home from Thanksgiving dinner with half the ham and all of the mac’n’cheese left over from the festivities. After all, my fridge is stocked and I’m a good sharer.

I did not confuse my daughter’s kooky pose in the family portrait for clowning around. As an avid SIMS player, I realized she was mimicking those family shots without her pointing it out. Really I did.

I did not have a hypochondriac moment and freak out about the possibility of contracting Ya’s case of thrush during his feedings. I have not given myself a breast exam after every feeding since confirming his condition despite his being on medication and the thrush quickly clearing up. I did not agonize over where the gross white stuff came from in the first place…

I did not tell the pediatrician that we had reached our quota of conditions and illnesses in the last three months and that if another happened to surface within a week of a well-baby appointment we’d be canceling the rest on account of the bad luck they bring.

I did not lug around my scrap supplies three times in the four day weekend and complete not one page in either child’s book. As usual, I’m all caught up…

I did not get lectured twice – make that three times – about dressing my son. If I had, it certainly wouldn’t be about his winter coat being a size too big (though I didn’t buy it), about his wearing socks instead of soft shoes (there’s debate about whether they make newborn shoes and why one might need them), or about wearing a onesie in a loud jungle print (that I was immediately smitten with and had to buy).

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  1. blueviolet says:

    From one scrapbooker to another, I appreciate your list. Those photo ops are worth more than any leaf-free yard would ever be! But, I don’t want to see your no scrapping on your list next week. 😉

  2. Oh goodness, I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who had the thrush hypochondria moment lol! And the leaves photos were totally worth it. Isn’t autumn wonderful for getting pictures?

    Lovely blog 🙂

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