FROZEN: No smiles, no frowns.

Everywhere we go, Ri is on high alert for all things Frozen.  She shops for princess items, carrying anything with these Disney characters on them around stores and performing full on fall out fits when we refuse purchase.  In CVS, it was a box of tissues with Sven, Anna, and Olaf. In Giant,  it was diaper wipes with a similar scene.  In Target, it was a reusable shopping bag with princesses (and she filled it with an Elsa notepad and assorted themed writing supplies).  PEZ dispensers, bubble wands, juice drinks. Each time she proclaims “HANNAH!” and leads us unwillingly toward the spotted product.

I’d pretty much had enough of the winter cursed crew.  And then, last Thursday, I discovered I’d also been cursed.  It began with a locked jaw that made chewing a robotic, awkward effort.  Soreness in my muscles turned into frostbite tingles overnight. My fingers numbed.  By Friday, my headaches increased intensity – not quite migraines,  but profoundly disruptive. My tongue swelled (had I eaten something with sulfide preservatives?). Speech slurred.  My face was frozen.

The speech distorted even more by Saturday,  and I’m sure it was hard deciphering my words as I tried to help Chi with her Atlanta Fashion Walk activities. By lunch, I couldn’t eat – the muscles in my jaw weren’t responding to commands.  And my eyes burned, my lids fought against blinking as vision grew progressively hazier.

By Sunday,  I could no longer articulate my thoughts.  My ears hummed, sounds echoed as though tunneled. Voices were amplified and pitched. Images in front of me blurred. My legs stiffened. And my frustration reached a new peak.

I was frozen and no amount of summer heat – of warm hugs – was melting my curse.

Mystery illnesses and worry

It’s probably getting pretty old, me talking about my illnesses.  I’m reminded quite often of my mortality as I try to accomplish each day.  And, as I held Ri’s face and nuzzled her nose with mine, I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d be here to see her grow up.  Since June began, I’ve had […]

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Disappeared, returned. Mommy fail for the records

Last night, my son disappeared. And I had no idea he’d even left the house.  In and out of flu-induced sleep, I lay on my bed as the youngest blasted Masha and the Bear from my phone. Ya had just been in to talk to me — at least it seemed like only minutes had […]

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She’s not ready to go on. Trembling, she stood before me then someone familiar when her known world starts its many changes. Her beginning. Yes, an ending, too. Of childhood. But here she is, days away. The proud graduate who’s accomplished much (but feels there is still more). Tomorrow, she’ll wake up again – an […]

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The familiar chuckle of excitement greets me from the second floor. Feet scurry across rug. She meets me st the landing. Hugs me, laughs as I kiss her hello. She takes my fingers in her hand, tugs me as she walks toward the stairs. I hesitate,  she looks at me and smiles, tugs a bit […]

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Zoo: people watching

w IMG1279

It never fails.  We get ourselves ready to voyage to the National Zoo on the same day that everyone else has the same idea. And we elect not to drive in and hunt for parking in favor of the trains (because Ya loves trains, you know?). But Metro decided to delay trains and run intermittent […]

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