Mirror, mirror


Shiny, it stands affixed before me
Staring in silence, watching the house
I draw closer, my image mimics
My reflection is weary, is tired
Lines feather out from drooping eyes
In corners, crooked path awaiting tears
Speckles of injury dot high cheeks
Chins hug one another, seek attention
Hair frizzies edge a creased forehead
I inhale, nostrils flaring with intake
This is me. This is me.
Fingers fumble to draws, pull handles
The familiar shuffle of compacts sounds
Colors beckon me to choose them
The foundation of today’s cover up
What mask shall I wear today?
No one wants the truth anymore
So I slather on the fake
Hide the history of disappointments well
cosmetically covering up each new hurt
And pretending all is just fine.

Inspired by the Six Word Fridays meme.

drops of red

Just after school let out for the summer, I found myself sitting in my van. The light was red and the van idled. The sun was an eerie blaze ahead of me – one of those just before sunset glares.  There I was, suddenly unhappy.  I gripped the steering wheel and studied my wrists; And […]

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Calling out


“Mom? Can we take a trip again when everyone is gone; just me, you, and Laura? ” he asks timidly. To speak it louder than a whisper would certainly draw unwanted, non-physical but equally painful abrasion from the excluded. Underlying his request is several years of feeling displaced in his own family, in his home. […]

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Did I tell you I love you?

He sauntered over, slumped into a chair and asked me. Without reply, he knew the effect. “There is that smile. I love it when you smile. You and dad should smile more often. You’d be happier. ” I’m reminded, then, of overwhelming obligations that hinder such a simple expression. But despite the pressure to catch […]

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It’s cold inside this old house Empty, save the spiders who weave They create connections in open space Keeping me company without making contact Alone, I brood over lost opportunity Many a moment slipped through unnoticed My grasp on success too loose In the darkness, candlelight dances around Welcome motion in this wicked silence I […]

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Mini Vaykay

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Williamsburg, we couldn’t stay away.

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