NaNoWriMo #25 (Rambling to do)

Racing through my head are hundreds of disjointed thoughts. It’s like a to do list that needs prioritizing.

Remember, teach your young son how to handle authority ASAP:
Never run. Don’t make sudden movements. Show your hands, palms toward the officer, all fingers visible.
Don’t walk with your hands in pockets.
Don’t look menacing (even when it’s painful to falsely smile).
Don’t laugh – – presumed mocking is dangerous.
Avoid unfamiliar neighborhoods, and never linger in your own.
Obscuring your face for fashion could get you confused with another black boy. Flashy clothes, accessories could be seen as weapons’ metallic flashing.
Be careful.
Let’s face it, it’s safer to stay inside.

I think: Justice is not blind. It wears magnifying glasses that see color, but blur other factors of consideration – of common sense.

I pray: My black child won’t be seen as a threat to peace, to society, to the institution, to life. Thrive. Dream. Reach. Achieve. Become. It’s what every mother clasps hands together and asks of God.

I wish: Things weren’t always so hard. It doesn’t have to be easy, just not so seemingly impossible. Is this test ever going to end? Don’t I deserve a chance to see the results?

I wonder: When will I find the time to complete this project? Finish that book? Start that dream?

I want: to feel fulfilled. to be appreciated. to find affirmation…

window haiku

Blue bricks surround me if I had a window here I’d watch life evolve — seasons shifting soon fallen leaves covered in snow white blanket hides all — then, I’m suspecting the bitter cold will subside as sprouting buds break — suddenly, color inviting escape outside enticing climate — heat quickly becomes pervasive, yet so […]

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NaNoWriMo #10 (ending near)

I woke when she did. She lay on my arm, nestled against my chest. Her hands tugged at my shirt. “Mommy!” she insisted clearly, before continuing in a garble of sounds she is convinced are words. I checked the blinking phone. Sixteen percent charge. Twenty minutes had past since the alarm, which never sounded. I […]

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SWF: Crossed love

Love is blind, this I see (Cross my fingers) I cannot lie Truth be told, here’s the line: You are my always, forever more From this day on, I vow Loyalty, fidelity, this I solemnly swear (Cross my fingers) I cannot lie I’ve hooked you good, good catch Here’s the line, it’s a sinker: Bound […]

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NaNoWriMo #9 (Innocence)


I’d like to pause that moment in time. That moment when the little boy – pale skin flushed red in the autumn chill, brown hair tousled in his scurrying, big eyes bright with wonder of the world – still looked at things without judgment. “My dog’s not a puppy,” he said with a smile. “He’s […]

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NaNoWriMo#6 (Fleeing notice)

He stumbles into the classroom, arms and legs flailing. I search for his pursuer, as surely no one would be so flamboyant in entrance without being chased. But there is no one seeking to capture him. No one, it seems, even notices he is here. He sits hunched over a notebook at his desk. A […]

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