Morning lessons at school 

She sits in the corner, staring at the toys.  Her classmates are where they’re supposed to be — sitting on the mat. The older kids are answering a deluge of questions about Moses. And though she’s part of the older group, she ignores them. “Mommy,  I want picture…” 

I have to wonder if this is normal. Does she tune out the classroom activities – ignore the lessons in favor of escaping into her own mind? 

The teacher says she is disengaged, and even with proximity to the board and teacher, she is only minimally participating. An aide works with her one on one and sometimes this produces a complete work product, but most of the time, her work is a series of scribbles that demonstrate little understanding of the objective. She is also quick to start, often before directives are given. It’s a race to do, even when what she does has no purpose. 

Is it to soon to worry?

“I Hate School” Part I

These were the words I dreaded hearing from my youngest son. And yet, that’s exactly how he feels about his third grade class. Since September 26 – – nineteen days into this school year – – my child has been isolated from his peers.  Through a series of rearrangements to find the optimum classroom temperament, […]

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​I watch my thirteen year old daughter watching this election cycle. I see her cringe at the news reports, at the sound bites. I hear her awkwardly laugh at memes that tell more truth than the news (akin to editorial cartoons of our Sunday papers).  As though there haven’t been enough controversies from both the […]

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Thank you, Ms. Medina


Our county held a book festival today. It was the first I’ve been to, and I truly hope it isn’t the last. The roster of presenters included Newberry Award winning authors and other amazing writers and illustrators who talked about the process of publishing, generating ideas, and about the power of voice. Aside from encouraging […]

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Wade in the water

Ri came home talking about Elijah. I think he’s a classmate. But seeing that her school has abandoned the moderate ABeka and fully committed to ACE (Accelerated Christian Education), it’s quite probable that she’s referencing a biblical figure. She’s in the car seranading me with Wade In the Water – or, rather, with what she […]

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Friday is four days away. As I sit in front of the daycare contemplating the 12:01am check that funds are deposited, I feel that too-familiar wrenching of my stomach. I know there’s not enough money coming in for what has to go out. The reality is that everything is due and no entity collecting is […]

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